What is a Tea Specialist Called? What It Is and How To Be One

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I’ve heard plenty of times the term tea specialist mentioned, as well as tea sommelier, tea master, tea connoisseur, and others. Certainly in restaurants that had specific beverages such as tea, and indeed similar in places selling coffee, wine, and fruit juices. So who is a tea specialist when compared to say a Barrista, and […]

Why Do People Slurp Tea? Is It Really Rude? Or Right!

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It always seems funny when I’m at a tea shop or with friends and I hear someone slurp their tea. What are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to react? But, to hardened tea drinkers, it’s part and parcel of drinking tea. So, why do people slurp tea? The most appealing facts about tea […]

Chai Tea – What Is It, Health Benefits and How to Make It

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Originating from the Indian Subcontinent, Chai Tea has now become a strong contender for one of the most commonly drank beverages in the world. What was once nothing more than a regional indulgence, has now become a global phenomenon. So I simply had to write about it! So, what exactly is Chai Tea? Chai Tea […]

What Is the Liquor of Tea? Types of Liquor, and Examples

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I’ve seen this mentioned a number of times and wondered what exactly was meant by tea liquor, or the liquor of tea. It’s one of those things that you think you probably know, but wouldn’t necessarily want to ‘assume’ for the fear of being wildly wrong! And at what point do we discuss tea as ‘having’ […]

Can You Eat the Tea Leaves in a Tea Bag? Is It Safe?

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This sounds like one of those harmless childhood dares! But I have often wondered this myself and I’d be surprised if it hasn’t crossed every tea drinker’s mind at some point. So did I dare to try it… well yes … of course. I kind of eat tea leaves all the time and this post […]

Best Tea For Beginners – My Top 5, And Why

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After decades of unimpressive black tea bags – which I’ve now ditched almost entirely! It was important for me that I don’t scare myself rigid with some strong earthy Pu-erh or perhaps get the wrong overall impression with a sharp tasting minty tea. It’s not easy tearing yourself away from the whole box of bags […]

What You Don’t Know About Bubble Tea, the Bubble Tea Guide

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Many people recognize Bubble Tea when they see it. It’s a unique beverage with Tapioca Balls at the base of the transparent cup and the extra wide straw that comes with it. Most people who try Bubble Tea Wow at the flavor, and yet it’s surprising how many people have still not tried it, more […]

Builders Tea – What Is It, the History and How to Make It

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Every nation has it’s quirky traditions. The UK has been around a long time, so they’re bound to have their fair share. That doesn’t just mean centuries-old traditions, but modern ones too. like… What is Builders Tea? What is Builders Tea! Builders Tea is a strong, thick, sweet made Tea with milk and often multiple […]