15 Awesome Ginger and Honey Tea Benefits, the Complete List

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People have been taking advantage of ginger and honey tea benefits for centuries. If you’re thinking of drinking ginger tea and adding honey, then here’s my article on ginger and honey tea benefits just for you. Here’s a quick summary… A cup of ginger tea with honey brings calming properties that may help lower stress, […]

Ginger Tea Before a Workout, or After, the Benefits, Effects

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There are a lot of beverages that you can take in the morning, and certainly a number of teas you can drink to kick-start your morning. What about adding ginger tea in the morning and kick-starting your day? And ginger tea before a workout is certainly an option. Ginger is a truly earthy beverage and […]

Milk Tea Before a Workout: Benefits, Recovery, Weight, Types

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Are you a gym lover who wants better results from your workout? Then, you probably want to know which tea can fulfill your needs either for weight loss, fitness, or muscle gain. Milk tea before a workout facilitates some good results and promotes more significant improvements both before and perhaps more importantly – after a […]

Chamomile Tea With Honey Benefits: Colds, Sleep, and More

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Many of us enjoy drinking tea for its benefits, and sometimes we like adding other ingredients to enhance the taste and even the benefits further. One of those additions is honey. Chamomile tea with honey benefits us in a number of ways. In this article, I’m outlining all the benefits that honey brings to Chamomile […]

Is Green Tea a Diuretic: Types of Green Teas and the Effects

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We all are susceptible to diuretic effects from food and drink. But there are certain triggers that these foods and drinks contain that prompt effects in people – to a lesser or greater degree. Green tea can be one of those drinks, begging the question for many – is green tea a diuretic! So in […]

Does Sugar Cause Bloating: Which Types, How, and What to Do

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I’ve been exploring how tea can benefit people who suffer from bloating, whether it’s regularly or periodically. And there are a number of teas that relieve bloating. But does sugar cause bloating? This is what I’m going to answer today. I’m talking about this subject because I, like many, often add some form of sugar […]