Tea Sommelier Course!

Become a fast-track tea connoisseur …for your own enjoyment or as a head start course towards a career as a tea sommelier.

Easily create a great personal or social tea occasion

Elevate your tea skills to enhance your personal and social occasions, and hold tea tastings!

No highly technical aspects that put you off

This course keeps it simple with a step by step guide on tea tasting and easy reference cards

Gain tea connoisseur skills without sitting exams

A course for your leisure, or as a precursor to a career as a tea sommelier

Learn about tea at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home

Experiment and learn without looking like a tea newbie!

Impress friends and family with your new tea skills

Become the tea connoisseur in your family or circle of friends

Discover that you don’t need lots of equipment to get started

Details on the minimum equipment to get started

You know those times when you’re drinking some great new tea, and you just wish
you knew more about it …but want to get the knowledge fast?

Most professional Tea Sommelier courses are great if you’re looking for a full on career in the tea industry.

But they can cost thousands 💰💰💰 and they can take months to complete …and much of the content can be quite dry and far removed from the pure enjoyment of tea.

And if you’re like me, then you really don’t want months of expenses and coursework …when all you want to do is develop the core knowledge, skill, and understanding of a subject. Well, tea is one of those subjects.

Formal exams can take months, which really put me off going that far to become more of an expert in tea.

I built my course on what you need to know to make tea a hobby that you’re proficient in!

My course provides everything you need to know about tea. Or, it serves as a great introduction to the world of tea …to improve it as a hobby, and help you decide if you love it enough to get fully into the tea industry.

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What you get in the course

🍵 An easy 12-part journey to improving your tea tasting skills!

🍵 Pull out step by step reference guides that make tea tasting sessions an easy experience

🍵 Essential knowledge of tea fundamentals – without the complex jargon

🍵 How to set up a tea tasting event for yourself, or your friends, and family

🍵 What a Tea sommelier does, what they earn, and the potential career paths

🍵 Background on tea, the types, main features, and where and how it’s grown

🍵 Understand the health benefits of tea

🍵 The essential guide for budding professionals, or for personal and social experiences

🍵 Dip into the course as you wish, or travel through from cover to cover

🍵 A colorful and engaging course experience

Take Your Tea a Huge Steep Forward!

Welcome to my tea sommelier and tea tasting course

I’ve been a tea addict for years now and this course is a culmination of my ongoing “tea thirst” for knowledge as I navigated the sometimes complex and sometimes over-complex world of simply enjoying teas.

In essence, for me, tea is a means of enjoyment, a way to relax and spend time with our own thoughts in quiet contemplation. Or as a set of tools that allow you to enjoy a great time with friends …or extend your knowledge into further realms of learning on a professional front.

I hope this course provides you with a means to learn more about tea, but more importantly, a means to take that knowledge and spread the joy of tea drinking to friends ….and strangers alike.


tea sommelier course

Don’t be like me and wait too many years to get into a great new hobby!

Order my Tea Course now and get started!