Pu-Erh Tea Weight Loss – Is It Really the Best Tea for Weight Loss?

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Pu-erh tea weight loss is something that you might want to understand more about. You’ve perhaps heard that it can aid weight loss. Or perhaps you’ve just been told that tea, in general, can help weight loss …and are thinking Pu-Erh tea is the way to go? So that’s what I’ll be talking about in […]

Dandelion Tea Side Effects: Here’s What to Watch Out For

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If you’ve drank dandelion tea then you might be wondering what the side effects are. I’ve written about making your own dandelion tea in a previous article which I’ll reference here too. But let’s focus here on the side effects of drinking dandelion tea, starting with a quick roundup. Dandelion tea side effects: Suffice it […]

21 Amazing Tulsi Tea Benefits: Full Benefits of Holy Basil Tea

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Hello, you intrepid tea explorers! In this article, I’m going over the tulsi tea benefits you can gain from this super beverage. I’ll give a quick roundup of the many benefits of tulsi tea, then we’ll head into the details… Some tulsi tea benefits are that it soothes the body, boosts immunity, fights harmful bacteria, […]

What Is Matcha? Types, Storing, Making, Taste, Tips, and More

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Hello, all you budding beautiful tea lovers! In this article – what is matcha, I’m going to answer exactly that… what is matcha! Simple! I’ll focus mainly on what matcha is, its types, and how it’s produced. As well as buying and storing matcha, and how to prepare it for drinking. To begin with though, […]

Tea Before a Workout: 6 Teas to Get the Best Results and Why

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Let’s get into the subject of drinking tea before a workout. I’ve long been a tea drinker, in more recent years exploring far more types of teas. I also drink tea before most workouts, and I’ve written a number of articles on drinking a variety of teas before and after a workout. so I understand […]

Benefits of Ginger Tea for the Skin: Collagen, Detox, and More

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We know that ginger has numerous benefits, and this is also the case when ginger is added to tea. So in this post, we’re going through the benefits of ginger tea for the skin. So let’s get into the subject with a quick list, then we’ll get into some more details The benefits of ginger […]

Green Tea Alternatives for Weight Loss, Detox, Aging, More

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We all like to shake it up a bit with our teas from time to time, and often it’s good to seek additional or different benefits that other teas can provide. So I’ve been looking into the best green tea alternatives across a few categories: Green tea is known for having plenty of benefits that […]

Benefits of Cinnamon Tea Before Bed, Weight Loss and More

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Cinnamon tea is loaded with antioxidants. After a long tiring day, we all need something relaxing. The benefits of cinnamon tea before bed could form part of a great ritual that facilitates winding down before sleeping. The benefits of cinnamon tea before bed include aiding in a weight loss program while helping to relax tired […]

Amazing Cinnamon and Ginger Tea Benefits, so Much Goodness

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Drinking cinnamon and ginger tea benefits people in a number of ways. It’s a great solution for the winter season. It’s an ideal remedy when suffering from a cold, for morning sickness, and for your overall health. So let’s get into the cinnamon and ginger tea benefits, starting with a quick summary answer… Cinnamon and […]

15 Awesome Ginger and Honey Tea Benefits, the Complete List

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People have been taking advantage of ginger and honey tea benefits for centuries. If you’re thinking of drinking ginger tea and adding honey, then here’s my article on ginger and honey tea benefits just for you. Here’s a quick summary… A cup of ginger tea with honey brings calming properties that may help lower stress, […]