Green Tea Alternatives for Weight Loss, Detox, Aging, More

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We all like to shake it up a bit with our teas from time to time, and often it’s good to seek additional or different benefits that other teas can provide. So I’ve been looking into the best green tea alternatives across a few categories: Green tea is known for having plenty of benefits that […]

12 Zen Tea Benefits, Health, Wellness, Mind, Body, and More

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Maybe you just heard of Zen tea and didn’t know there were zen tea benefits. So if you’re actually looking for the best list of zen tea benefits, then you came to the right place. Here’s the biggest list of zen tea benefits. Starting with a quick summary… What is Zen tea? Zen tea is […]

How Many Cups of Tea per Day? Here’s How Many, and the Effects!

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Wondering how many cups of tea per day you should be drinking? Are you concerned you may be having too much? Well, in this article I’m going to provide the definitive answer to how many cups you should – or should – drink per drink. Along with other insights around tea drinking quantities. The effects […]

Does Loose Leaf Tea Expire? Why, When, and How to Prevent It

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Loose tea leaves are now my only real favorite tea option. One day my friend asked, “Do they expire?” after a blank stare or two, I started asking myself the same question. And in fact, I wasn’t entirely sure I was looking after them correctly. I’ve thought about tea bags expiring before and Freezing Tea […]

New Kettle Instructions – Do it Right, Helpful Guide with Pictures

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I bought a kettle recently. Well, I’ve bought a few! And while learning to use my new kettle, I realized that most kettle instructions were boring and focused more on covering the manufacturer against being sued. Which is all good, but I needed the important stuff – like how to set it up for first […]

What Is Yellow Tea? Types, Benefits, Side Effects, Making It

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We’re going to cover the health benefits of yellow tea, the side effects, the origins, how to make it, and more! The Chinese are some of the highest consumers of tea in the world. As such, it is no wonder that several types of tea originate from China, Yellow tea is one such tea. This […]

Blue Tea: Benefits, Side Effects, Weight Loss, and Much More

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When you think of tea, chances are that an image of a black or brown-colored drink would pop up in your mind. However, there is another type of tea that has an electric blue color, can change colors, and has zero caffeine. What is Blue Tea? Originating from South East Asia, blue tea has been […]

How to Read Tea Leaves – the Complete Guide, and Symbols

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I recently took an interest in tea reading and started looking up online how to do it yourself. I ended up spending hours in research and couldn’t find anything super comprehensive, plus I found out how seemingly infinite this art …or science is. So I’ve put it all here for your delight! Here’s the step-by-step […]