Tea Before a Workout: 6 Teas to Get the Best Results and Why

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Let’s get into the subject of drinking tea before a workout. I’ve long been a tea drinker, in more recent years exploring far more types of teas. I also drink tea before most workouts, and I’ve written a number of articles on drinking a variety of teas before and after a workout. so I understand the impact that tea can have on your exercise regime. You may have previously heard that drinking caffeinated drinks are beneficial before a workout. Tea is one of the best and natural alternative pre-workout drinks for you. It not only helps during exercise but also […]

Green Tea Before a Workout, Weight Loss, When, and How Much

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It’s generally accepted that green tea is great for weight loss – among other benefits. It can of course be drunk at any time. But how effective is green tea before a workout? To get an understanding of the right times to drink green tea, reading this article should help you. Let’s start with a quick summary to get you a fast answer. Drink a cup of green tea 90 minutes before a workout to benefit from the boost in energy from the caffeine and L-theanine content. It also increases fat burning due to increased fat oxidation. Anti-inflammatory properties help […]

How to Make Tea Stronger: 3 Easiest Ways to Make Stronger Tea

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Even as a long-time tea connoisseur – of numerous types of tea. I generally still like stronger tea. So I certainly know how to make tea stronger. Of course, that depends on the type of tea though. Some teas actually lend themselves better to being less strong and more delicate tasting. But for most teas, there are some easy methods to making tea with just the right strength and depth, here’s the summary on how to make your tea stronger, then I’ll get more into the methods… To make your tea stronger, simply add more loose-leaf tea (2g per 8 […]

Green Tea Is Bitter? Here’s Why, and 12 Easy Ways to Fix It

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Your green tea is bitter? Well, even as an experienced tea drinker, I can sometimes find green tea bitter. So I can fully understand how drinking green tea can put some people off. And that’s understandable, green tea naturally has a bitter taste, and it’s down to several factors. The quality of green tea, first or second flush, and even the water.  So here I’ve outlined the primary causes that can contribute to this bitter flavor and then I’ll go on to what to do about it. But let’s give you a quick takeaway answer first… Green tea tastes bitter […]

Green Tea vs Lemon Tea: Difference, Benefits, Taste, Which to Drink

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In some cases, it can become difficult to understand the difference between green tea vs lemon tea. There are blurred areas in some ways, especially if you’re looking to understand which one will be better for you in the long run or for certain occasions. So here I’m going to outline the differences, where they can interact with each other too, and which is healthier – if any. Let’s start with a quick answer and a quick reference table, then get into a few more details. Green tea is one of four main types of tea and undergoes minimal processing […]

What Is a Tea Bar: Types, Differences, Menus, a Guide

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Tea bars are becoming popular, but what makes a tea bar special? In fact, you might be wondering – what is a tea bar anyway? Here’s where I go into detail on what a tea bar is. Who runs them, who goes to them, where to find them … and generally what’s so different about them… A tea bar is an outlet dedicated to tea with a tea-centered menu. Most offer tea menus paired with breakfast lunch and afternoon tea menus. Mainly set in urban areas, tea bars are ideal for avid tea drinkers and are staffed by tea sommeliers […]

Chinese Tea Culture – Origins, Occasions, Styles, and Tools

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Chinese tea culture stems back thousands of years, here’s an in-depth article that discusses where the Chinese tea culture originated from, what it looks like today and why it differs from other tea cultures. The Chinese tea culture originated from monks, as Buddhism was embedded in the Chinese lifestyle. Gradually replacing alcohol, tea became synonymous with spiritual enjoyment. Now tea is integral in formal and informal Chinese occasions, boasting a range of Chinese tea wares and brewing styles. Chinese Tea Culture Culture stems back to the tea origins in China, its method of practice, and related beliefs within a community. […]

How to Become a Tea Drinker, Simple Steps, Tips, and More

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Many of us at times have wondered how to become a tea drinker, or how to be a better tea drinker. Perhaps we’re bored with our usual beverage (like I was) or perhaps you have a different aim? It doesn’t mean you want to suddenly be a tea sommelier! …perhaps you just want to dip your toe …in tea! Whatever the reason, there are some simple steps you can take to begin your tea journey. And I’ve added some tips and some of my experience in here too. Here’s how to become a tea drinker… They say happiness is a […]

American Tea vs British Tea, Preferences, Taste, and Culture

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Wondering what the main differences are between tea drank in America and tea drank in Britain? Well, you’re in luck because here I’m looking at American tea vs British tea. This isn’t a better or worse scenario, there are simply differences in tea preferences on each side of the Atlantic, so here’s my lighthearted way of exploring them both… Americans favor a classic black, iced, light tea, consumed informally. British favor a strong, hot, black blend of tea, sometimes formal or ceremonial. Tea cultivars are the same, so tea varieties are interchangeable. The social culture and method of serving are […]

White Tea vs Matcha, Comparison, Benefits, Taste, Price!

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You may be looking to try both white tea and matcha and wondering which is better. White tea vs matcha tea! And boy this is difficult too -as they both have some great qualities! But I’ll take you through it… So in the article, I’m going to provide a thorough comparison. Which includes the properties of each, health benefits, taste, caffeine price, and more. Both white tea and matcha originate from the Camellia Sinesis tea plant. Their buds and leaf profiles differ, and Green matcha undergoes a greater amount of oxidation than white tea and is brewed and served differently. […]