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Being a tea lover and tea course writer, I’ve already tried a big selection of apparatus and implements for steeping the perfect cuppa! Or for making a great little occasion out of the tea in the garden for friends. I’ve already bought stuff that I thought would be great but was so disappointed as it just didn’t live up to expectations.

Like the Spoon Infuser that wouldn’t close and broke when I tried to ‘Make it’ close! Or my $120 modern white Tea Set that literally showed cracks almost straight away.

So I decided enough was enough and I’d pass on my experiences to help and hopefully guide other people who were looking to buy the perfect tea set, the best Infuser, or the perfect tea gift.

So I spent hours (and a fair few card payments) sourcing, buying, testing, hating, and loving various products. So that you don’t have to go through the same pain barriers I’ve had to.

Like anyone – not just a tea freak! I love getting gifts and I’m now always looking around for unusual and thoughtful gifts for my loved ones. So much so I’ve enjoyed putting a list together for those of you who are looking to ‘tea-reat’ someone special!

I’ve put together these collections based on items I’ve owned, have, and/or would recommend – I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t either used myself, been impressed with or that I’ve used with friends and family.

Although there are a couple I’ve added in that are just plain decadent and that I would aspire to own if I had the money 🙂

So here are the categories, I hope they appeal to you and serve you as well as they have for me.

Best Tea Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes & Clubs

I’ve compiled the largest collection of the best 33 tea clubs and subscriptions around. There’s even a quick reference guide, so you’ll definitely find one that fits your needs.

best tea infusers

Best Tea Infusers

Tea Infusers are an ideal way to steep a quick cup of tea. I’ve selected only the best ones right here.

me holding teapots


Need a new (or another new) teapot? I’ve located all the best teapots here, the ones that will impress your friends, that actually work and stay looking nice!

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Tea Sets

I’ve been busy trying and testing the best tea sets around – so you don’t have to. You can simply find the one you’re looking for here


Tea Storage

I’ve tried so many ways of storing tea. So here I’ve gathered all the best and most stylish ways to store your tea.

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Tea, Just Tea!

I’ve selected the Best Tea from around the world. The specialty teas that I’ve tried and I know someone new to tea will love!


Gifts for Tea Lovers

All the best quaint and fun tea gift ideas you can think of. You’re sure to find a tea gift here for that someone who enjoys the quirky or fun

tea sommelier course

Take the fast track and become a tea connoisseur

Whether for enjoyment or considering a career as a tea sommelier. This course has everything you need to enhance your tea knowledge and tea-tasting skills.

This course keeps it simple with step-by-step tea tasting and easy reference guides

For pleasure, or as a precursor to a career in the tea industry. Find out what tea sommelier actually does, their career paths, and what they earn.

Find out more about the Teahow Tea Sommelier Course!

Experiment and learn in the comfort of your own home, without looking like a tea newbie!

Become the tea connoisseur in your family or circle of friends, by organizing great tea tastings and seamlessly taking your guests through a satisfying by simple tea tasting process. With quick reference guides.

Plus learn more about types of tea, processing, health aspects, and the minimum of equipment you need to get started.

Find out more about my course!