Best Tea Infusers

Best Basic Tea Infuser


This is my favorite basic tea infuser. It’s not the prettiest, but for infusing it worked really well.

I wrote an article about choosing the best tea infuser and I found this one to be the best.  Last I checked the best price was just $4.50 on Teabox. In the UK you can also get it from Amazon here

Best Teapot Infuser
teapot infuser

Such a range of teapot infusers and much of it depends on what type of teapot you have. You could just use a basic Tea Infuser. Or, I’d normally say just buy a teapot with an infuser already in it – you can see my top picks HERE. But there are times when you might want to steep directly into the cup. Or you might have a favorite teapot already that you simply MUST use! If so, then this is the one I’d recommend. It’s wide enough 3.9″ to sit across most teapots or cups/mugs and as it’s stainless steel you know it will last. Latest Amazon price can be found HERE

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