25 Myths About Tea

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I’ve heard numerous things in the past about Tea, and in fact, I’ve heard more of them since I started exploring teas in more depth. So I decided to do some digging and find out if what I was hearing were indeed correct. Below are my findings! You might also like the 100 Facts About […]

30 Awesome Uses for Tea Bags, #7 Is a Treat!

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Oh what to do with those old teabags, 99.9% of them find they’re way to the landfill site, a small minority of them find their way into compost bins – depending on what chemicals the tea bag contains. But there are a whole lot of other uses for them as I’ve discovered. If you’re an […]

33 Best Tea Subscription Boxes – with quick reference guide

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33 Monthly Tea Subscription Boxes – Including Quick Reference Table During a recent taste sensation from a Tea subscription Club, I realised I’d just googled and found a couple to use without a huge amount of research … I’m really getting into them, but I hadn’t really explored any other clubs that much. I knew […]