Where is Tea Grown – The Top 62 Countries, and Quantities

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This has been a pretty interesting exercise. I’ve been looking lately at what the top tea producers in the world are. There are more and more tea plantations opening all the time and in so many different countries now it’s actually getting harder for the industry to keep up. So where is tea grown? Countries […]

Can You Add Milk to Green Tea? Here are the Options!

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Now there’s a question. I used to have milk in my black tea when I was a tea bag ‘teahead!’ But that’s almost a different subject entirely when it comes to Green tea. I answered a question similar to this on Quora recently which was concerning whether to add Milk first or after – perhaps […]

25 Myths About Tea – The Most Surprising Myths Told About Tea

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What are the myths about tea? I’ve heard numerous things in the past about Tea, and in fact, I’ve heard more of them since I started exploring teas in more depth. So I decided to do some digging and find out if what I was hearing were indeed correct. Below are my findings! You might […]

30 Awesome Uses for Tea Bags, #7 Is a Treat!

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Oh, what to do with those old teabags, 99.9% of them find their way to the landfill site, and a small minority of them find their way into compost bins – depending on what chemicals the tea bag contains. But there are a whole lot of other uses for them as I’ve discovered. So you […]

33 BEST Tea Subscription Boxes – With Quick Reference Guide

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33 Monthly Tea Subscription Boxes – Including Quick Reference Table During a recent taste sensation from a Tea subscription Club, I realized I’d just googled and found a couple to use without a huge amount of research … I’m really getting into them, but I hadn’t really explored any other clubs that much. I knew […]