Best Range of Tea Sets. My Personal Recommendations!

best clear tea set

Glass Tea Set

The perfect set I’ve found for showing off those Herbal Teas or Oolongs.
It’s elegant, the quality is good, it has the teapot warming stand too and won’t break the budget. Your friends will think it was twice the price. That’s my recommendation!

Best ‘Tea-for-two’ Set

Ooh, frustrating. I just have so many I’d want to choose from! But in the end I’m going to recommend the Ceramic Tea Set for Two. Great for a really personal, cozy anniversary or Sunday morning ‘couples’ gift. It’s cute and yet simple and elegant. A real ‘sharing a moment‘ set’. I love it!

tea for two set

Couple’s Tea Set

You can get it from Amazon here.
It stacks neatly too and you won’t have a big wash up ceremony afterwards. I also like that it means you can fit more goodies on the tray between you both. Love it !

Best Modern Tea Set

Here’s where you really want to impress your friends, as well as feel like you’re drinking tea made in the 21st century. If this is you, then I think I’ve got the perfect tea set for you. It would look fabulous on any kitchen surface – bringing the whole kitchen a modern feel to it!

best modern tea set

White Simplistic Modern Tea Set

With a wonderful modern bamboo tray and oozes simplistic elegance. Plus the 4 cups are dishwasher safe too! This is my recommendation. Get it here.

Best Luxury Tea Set

Get into the total swing of English Tea. This for me is a gorgeous fine bone china tea set that just oozes class! Surprising that it’s from Amazon, and yet the price won’t break the bank!

I’ve got this one one my Christmas list. Well everyone knows I’m new to Tea now so what do they expect!

Best Oriental Tea Set

You can’t beat a solid, authentic looking Japanese Tea Set. Like this one from Amazon.

This is ‘Almost’ the same as mine. But the thing I like about this one is the Trivet it comes with looks really solid. You can’t go wrong. Oozes sophistication! You’ll feel cultural just walking past it!

Best Vintage Tea Set

I really love this Vintage Tea Set. I bought it last year for my mother – waaaay before I was really into tea making, and she loved it. Now I almost wish I’d kept it – just to look at!

She stores it on the hanger and says it’s easy for her to get in and out without storing bits and pieces in all different places. And to be honest it looks pretty grand when she’s laying it out on the table!

You can get it from Amazon here at a pretty good price

Best Tea Sets for Toddlers

Get them in to tea early I say … well not too early. But pretending to make tea is something kids have done through the ages. But it’s got to be the right set, safe, easy to clean and makes them feel like grown ups too!

3-5 years toddler tea set

My fave Toddler Set for 3-5 years

This is my choice for toddler tea set for 3-5’s. I just love how cute it is! Perfect!
Here it is on Amazon

toddler tea set

Best 3-7 yrs Tea Set For Toddlers

I love wooden toys, and I love that this set (for 3-7 yrs) includes flavored tea selections too! and some pretend cookies and an activity card! It’s a wonderful set.
Here’s the link.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Maybe it’s a selection of really great Teapots that you’re actually after? Or if the budget is tight, then maybe a great small gifts for tea lovers is what’s needed?
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