Best Teapots & Tea Kettles

My Best All Round Teapot And Tea Kettle Recommendation

I’m just going to launch straight in with one of my ultimate favorites…

I love love love my Cast Iron kettle. Mainly as I can use it in two ways, I can just use it as a stylish kettle to boil water with on the hob.

Or I can throw in the included infuser and use it as the most stylish teapot among any of my friends. And I get simply the most smoothest richest tea of all from this one.

I highly recommend this one above all and I got mine here on Amazon.

Hands Down The Best Modern Teapot With Infuser

For the best most stylish modern tea pot for the price from Amazon that I’ve seen for a while. I’ll be getting this one shortly.

It’s heat resistant glass can be used on any hob or stove, and it comes with an inbuilt modern infuser too. I just can’t take my eyes off it!

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