Does Peppermint Tea Break a Fast? When It Does and Doesn’t!

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Many of us fast, for various reasons, but does peppermint tea break a fast?

Does Peppermint Tea Break a Fast? In its authentic form, peppermint tea will not break your fast. authentic peppermint tea is only a herbal infusion or tisane made from an infusion between hot water and fresh peppermint leaves/ peppermint tea leaves/peppermint tea bags. 

To build further on that answer, I’d add that to remain in a fasting state, there’s a specific calorie count your body/system needs to be under.

On average, as long as you stay under 50 calories, you will remain in a fasted stage. Peppermint tea is under 50 calories, and having a cup of peppermint tea will not break your fast. 

This is relevant, particularly if you’re looking for a calorie-free drink. Here’s more on the subject…

Does peppermint tea break a fast

Let’s start by looking at whether peppermint tea is calorie-free.

Is Peppermint tea calorie-free?

Peppermint tea is calorie-free and has no calories in it, as long it’s brewed authentically.

So it’s pretty clear-cut that you can have as many cups of peppermint tea, and it will still not break your state of fasting. 

While that’s some background, below are three detailed reasons why peppermint tea will not break a fast, followed by what will make peppermint tea break your fast. 

Peppermint tea has no calories

An authentic herbal infusion like peppermint tea is naturally calorie-free. This is the main reason why herbal infusions like peppermint tea are taken as a go-to option for anyone who is fasting.

The whole idea behind fasting is to make sure your body doesn’t take in any significant amount of calories.

While fasting generally is not eating throughout the fasting period, some fasting like intermittent fasting is for 16 hours and comes with an 8-hour feeding period.

So during these 16 hours, the goal is to keep yourself in a fasted state – only allowing for hydrating yourself.

So for this, many drink just water – or anything similar that is under 50 calories.

But it’s natural for your body to crave something other than water – and maybe something a bit more …flavorful.

This is why many seek options other than water to take during intermittent fasting. But something that will still keep them in a fasted state.

So at this point, the minty flavor and freshness from peppermint tea can help to hydrate and refresh the body, tantalize the tastebuds, as well as avoiding hunger pains and fasting cravings.

Peppermint tea is sugar-free

The second main reason why peppermint tea does not break a fast is that it’s sugar-free.

Sugar is a big player in adding tons of calories for a very little liquid.

For example, if you take a can of soda, check the ingredient and nutrient information. It will on average show that 30 grams of sugar add around 150 calories.

This is why those who are fasting are advised to stay away from sugar. As we know, sugar can add up calories so easily!

Meaning with any form of sugar in the drink, it will likely fall way above the recommended 50 calories bar to remain in a fasted state, that would break your fast. 

Naturally sweet

Surprisingly, in peppermint tea, the amazing benefit is that peppermint tea is naturally sweet, without any added sweeteners.

This makes peppermint tea a great sweet-calorie free option to have when fasting and will not break your fasting state.

This also makes peppermint tea a sweet and palatable option for those who want to drink something other than water. Something that will not break a fast.

peppermint tea and leaves
peppermint tea from peppermint leaves

Peppermint tea does not have a lot of carbohydrates

There’s no direct application of carbohydrates for fasting – because there’s no real need to keep carbohydrates low when fasting.

Meaning you can take any amount of carbs during the feeding window in intermittent fasting.

But keeping carbs low, can help your body to get into a fasted state quickly …and with no real digestion mechanisms or so on.

According to dietdoctor, a low-carb diet while fasting shows promising results. Apart from this, a low-carb diet during fasting is also beneficial for several health issues.

This is why many also tend to opt for peppermint tea when fasting and during the feeding window in intermittent fasting.

So if you want a low-carb option that’ll support your fasting process – along with something that will not break your fast, then peppermint tea could be your go-to option.

So many still want to add sugar or any other sweeteners to a cup of peppermint tea to make it just a little bit sweeter and more palatable for western taste.

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When would peppermint tea break a fast? 

The instances or situations where peppermint tea can break your fast comes from making changes to the authentic way of brewing peppermint tea.

Below are the two reasons when your peppermint tea could break your fast and why.

1. When you add milk to peppermint tea

Some like adding milk to tea to counteract the strong earthy or tangy flavors of plain tea.

Adding milk is also an option to cancel out the bitterness and astringency in tea, and to offer a cup of tea a smoother and creamier texture. 

This addition of milk – or any creamer – adds calories to peppermint tea, which will likely push the calorie count to above the 50 calorie bar …and eventually break your fast. 

If you want to add anything to reduce the earthy flavor, try adding lemon juice, or blending peppermint tea with other calorie-free tea varieties.

2. When you add sugar or other sweeteners

Although peppermint tea is naturally sweet, many don’t taste the subtle sweetness of this tea.

Western taste is generally prolific in sugary drinks. We all habitually tend to reach for the sugar all too easily. 

Adding sugar or any other sweeteners will add calories which will break your fast. 

Hibiscus tea is also naturally sweet. Perhaps blending hibiscus tea with peppermint tea can help in getting a calorie-free sweet drink with a more palatable flavor.

Hibiscus tea is also a tisane, is calorie-free, and will not break your fast when combined with peppermint tea. 

To finish then…

Seems to me that Peppermint tea, besides having plenty of benefits, is also a really good option for something tasty when you’re fasting!

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