Does Iced Tea Have Caffeine: How Much, How to Reduce It

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I’ve written extensively about caffeine in many types of tea, here I’m extending that to one of the most popular teas in North America, and answering the question – does iced tea have caffeine. If you’re wondering what iced tea actually is, then you should read my article explaining what iced tea is first. Otherwise, […]

11 Cherry Tea Benefits to Boost Your Health and More

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There are numerous benefits to drinking Cherry tea. So Cherry tea benefits are what I’m focussing on in this article. It has beneficial compounds in the fruit, along with that refreshing fruity taste. It’s important to note that Cherry tea can actually come in two forms. Cherry tea made with a black tea base, or […]

When to Drink Green Tea: Best Times for Maximum Benefits

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I used to drink tea all day every day. But I soon learned there are ties when it felt better, and there were times it provided me with greater health benefits. Many of which I wasn’t aware of when drinking it, but you still gain the effects. So when to drink green tea is the […]

Green Tea for Bloating: How to Get the Most Benefits

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You might be a regular drinker of tea, or perhaps an occasional tea taker! But either way, perhaps you’ve considered, or are now thinking of taking green tea for bloating. At some point, all of us have experienced bloating to some degree or another. Based on my experience as something of a tea connoisseur, I […]

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Benefits, When to Drink, and More

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Let’s look at Lipton yellow tea, and in particular the Lipton yellow label tea benefits. I’m going to keep this short and as usual, I’m going to start with a quick summary, here are some of the benefits I’ve had from drinking Lipton yellow label tea… Most common benefits of Lipton yellow label tea: I […]

Valerian Tea Benefits, Side Effects, and When to Drink It

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Valerian tea could be added to the same category as chamomile in terms of its calming effects. But taken differently, but with a few additions and tweaks, and a couple of occasions when you shouldn’t drink it too. In this article, I’m mostly focussing on valerian tea benefits, but including the side effects and more […]

Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine: Which ones, and How to Tell

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Those looking to reduce or remove their caffeine content can turn to decaf, decaffeinated, or plain herbals to get away from caffeine. And herbal teas seem to be the best answer to no caffeine at all. But what amount of caffeine is actually in any of the herbal teas you might choose? Or even, does […]

Honey in Green Tea: Benefits, Type of Honey, How to Add It

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You can add all kinds of treats to green tea, one common ingredient to add is something to sweeten the sometimes bitter taste. Honey in green tea can add that little bit more. There are in fact a number of benefits to adding honey to green tea. So let’s dive into adding honey to green […]

Is Iced Tea a Soft Drink? Here’s What It Is, A Guide

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There’s a fine subjective line between tea and soft drinks. While all tea is classed as a beverage, is it also classed as a soft drink? And more to the point, is iced tea a soft drink? And while we’re on the subject, what about Sweet tea? Let’s start with a quick summary. Iced tea […]

Does Green Tea Break a Fast? When It Does and Doesn’t

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So does green tea break a fast? Here’s where I discuss all the details around green tea, when it can be used for fasting, and how much, as well as when it doesn’t count towards fasting. Let’s start with a summary and then get into a few more details… An authentically brewed green tea has […]