Valerian Tea Benefits, Side Effects, and When to Drink It

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Valerian tea could be added to the same category as chamomile in terms of its calming effects. But taken differently, but with a few additions and tweaks, and a couple of occasions when you shouldn’t drink it too. In this article, I’m mostly focussing on valerian tea benefits, but including the side effects and more […]

Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine: Which ones, and How to Tell

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Those looking to reduce or remove their caffeine content can turn to decaf, decaffeinated, or plain herbals to get away from caffeine. And herbal teas seem to be the best answer to no caffeine at all. But what amount of caffeine is actually in any of the herbal teas you might choose? Or even, does […]

Honey in Green Tea: Benefits, Type of Honey, How to Add It

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You can add all kinds of treats to green tea, one common ingredient to add is something to sweeten the sometimes bitter taste. Honey in green tea can add that little bit more. There are in fact a number of benefits to adding honey to green tea. So let’s dive into adding honey to green […]

Is Iced Tea a Soft Drink? Here’s What It Is, A Guide

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There’s a fine subjective line between tea and soft drinks. While all tea is classed as a beverage, is it also classed as a soft drink? And more to the point, is iced tea a soft drink? And while we’re on the subject, what about Sweet tea? Let’s start with a quick summary. Iced tea […]

Does Green Tea Break a Fast? When It Does and Doesn’t

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So does green tea break a fast? Here’s where I discuss all the details around green tea, when it can be used for fasting, and how much, as well as when it doesn’t count towards fasting. Let’s start with a summary and then get into a few more details… An authentically brewed green tea has […]

Does Chai Have Caffeine? Levels for Each Chai Variety

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Concerned about your caffeine levels perhaps? Or just asking the question does Chai have caffeine? It’s nothing new, many of us like coffee for this exact reason, we know it’s packed with caffeine – but what about Chai? Here, I’ve outlined the caffeine content in Chai, as well as how this changes based on other […]

Ceylon Tea Caffeine Level, for Each Ceylon Variety

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When it comes to caffeine, many of us like to watch our caffeine levels. But what about Ceylon tea caffeine levels? Ceylon tea actually comes in a number of varieties. So, in this article, I’m going through in detail what the caffeine level is, in each variety, starting with a summary… On average, Ceylon black […]

The Benefits of Lemon Tea at Night, and How It Can Vary

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Perhaps you’re on the path of making changes in your life, and sometimes small simple changes can make a big difference. Drinking lemon tea, and gaining the benefits of lemon tea at night may well be one of them. It’s a simple change that can have a great effect, here’s what lemon tea at night […]

Does Nettle Tea Have Caffeine? When It Does and Doesn’t

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Looking to drink Nettle tea and wondering if it contains caffeine? Perhaps you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake, but still looking for that boost. Well, you found the right tea. Here’s where I answer the question: does Nettle tea have caffeine, and you might like the results… Here’s the quick summary, then I’ll get […]

Does Matcha Tea Have Caffeine? When It Does and Doesn’t

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Matcha is a distinct type of green tea. It’s in powder form, it;’s very popular, and has numerous benefits, which makes it very popular but does matcha tea have caffeine? That’s what I’m going to answer in this article, Starting with a quick summary…2 One cup (8 oz / 237 ml) of Matcha tea averages […]