Blue Lotus Tea, Benefits, Side Effects, Taste, Making It

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Having researched and written about both blue tea, which is very similar, and Lotus leaf tea in general. I think I’m pretty well placed to discuss blue lotus tea. So in this article, I’m going over the whole subject of blue lotus tea and answering lots of burning questions. Let’s start with what blue lotus […]

How to Make Dandelion Tea, With Roots, Leaves, and Flowers

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So you want to know how to make dandelion tea? Of all varieties – because perhaps you like to use the whole plant. Or there’s one method that would suit you better. So, let me take you through what you need to do to make your own Dandelion tea – of all varieties and using […]

What Is Herbal Tea Good For – Benefits, Types, What they do

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We’ve all heard about or tried herbal tea, or ‘Tisanes’ if we want to be official. But what is herbal tea good for? Is it worth starting a herbal tea regime at all? Well, I’ve written a lot about herbal teas, and I’ve tried just about all of them at some point or another. So […]

12 Best Teas to Reduce Bloating, and How Each One Helps, a Guide

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Looking for tea to reduce bloating? You’re not alone. If your belly feels bloated and sore at times then rest assured, bloating has been shown to affect a staggering 16–30% of the population. Food allergies, gas accumulation in the stomach, intestinal bacteria, ulcers, constipation, IBS, or even parasitic infections are all possible causes of bloating. […]

What Is a Tea Bar: Types, Differences, Menus, a Guide

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Tea bars are becoming popular, but what makes a tea bar special? In fact, you might be wondering – what is a tea bar anyway? Here’s where I go into detail on what a tea bar is. Who runs them, who goes to them, where to find them … and generally what’s so different about […]

Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine: Which ones, and How to Tell

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Those looking to reduce or remove their caffeine content can turn to decaf, decaffeinated, or plain herbals to get away from caffeine. And herbal teas seem to be the best answer to no caffeine at all. But what amount of caffeine is actually in any of the herbal teas you might choose? Or even, does […]

Black Seed Tea, Making it, Taste, Benefits, Side Effects

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Wondering how to make black seed tea? and what the benefits are. Here’s where I go into depth in explaining how to make it, the benefits and side effects, and more… Black seed tea is a herbal tea made from Nigella seeds that is rich in antioxidants, the benefits include lowering cholesterol, combating bacterial strains […]

12 Best Teas for Energy – The Energy Boosting Tea Guide

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We could all do with an energy boost sometimes, and some teas do have the ability to boost your energy. So if you’re looking for the best teas for energy, then I’ve compiled a list of them here. The most traditional option has to be black tea, but there are other good options such as […]

Chinese Tea Culture – Origins, Occasions, Styles, and Tools

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Chinese tea culture stems back thousands of years, here’s an in-depth article that discusses where the Chinese tea culture originated from, what it looks like today and why it differs from other tea cultures. The Chinese tea culture originated from monks, as Buddhism was embedded in the Chinese lifestyle. Gradually replacing alcohol, tea became synonymous […]