The Benefits of Lemon Tea at Night, and How It Can Vary

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Perhaps you’re on the path of making changes in your life, and sometimes small simple changes can make a big difference. Drinking lemon tea, and gaining the benefits of lemon tea at night may well be one of them.

It’s a simple change that can have a great effect, here’s what lemon tea at night can do for you.

The Benefits of lemon tea at night

  • Promotes better quality of sleep 
  • Improves digestion
  • Soothes a sore throat
  • Reduces stress
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Regulates high blood sugar at night 
  • An alternative to water to keep you hydrated at night 
  • Natural detox 
  • Refreshing taste

Adding green tea as the base for lemon tea may increase the effects of these benefits.

The Benefits of Lemon Tea at Night

Gaining these benefits can often vary per person, but also vary depending on how you prepare your lemon tea each evening.

In particular the type of tea you use as the base for your method, but also, there are a variety of ingredients you can add to it that may affect the outcome.

For example, using nettle tea gives you a boost in energy. Obviously, this may impede the benefit of a better night’s sleep due to any sugar rush.

So to get really good results from drinking lemon tea at night, here’s the authentic and most simple method I’d recommend you adopt to make your lemon tea each evening…

Benefits vary depending on the base tea

Authentic lemon tea is really easy. Simply make a tea for use as a base such as green or black tea, then just add lemon juice.

Traditionally, lemon tea is served with honey to reduce the citrusy flavor and is mostly served warm – but not boiling.

So some of these general benefits of lemon tea may increase if you add green tea as the base.

This is because green tea has its own set of health benefits at night, especially before bed. Green tea also has less caffeine compared to black tea.

So a green tea-based lemon tea will likely mean less jittery effects of caffeine at night before your sleep.

Whichever base you use in the evening, you should see to some degree or other some of the following common benefits of lemon tea at night…

some citrus fruit ready to add to tea
the benefits of lemon tea at night

Benefits of lemon tea at night  

1. Promotes better quality of sleep 

A cup of warm tea, in general, is very soothing and calming before bed. That can be said of most teas.

But aside from that, if you generally have trouble falling asleep quicker, the relaxing properties of lemon tea can make you fall asleep sooner.

Try using chamomile as a base for your lemon tea and it will add further relaxing chamomile properties into the cup too.

While using honey is fine, avoid sugar. As most of us know, sugar can give you a rush and promotes wakefulness.

2. Improves digestion

It’s common for many of us to struggle with indigestion while falling asleep. Especially when there was a late dinner involved.

Lemon tea specifically with its citrusy properties, helps cleanse the digestive system and improves bowel movement.

This goes a long way in preventing digestive problems like constipation and nausea when you go to bed.

This also allows you to relieve any digestive problems while you sleep and helps you wake up feeling less bloated and fresher.

Moreover, it’ll make it easier to poop in the morning. This in turn avoids any bloated, heavy, and uneasy feeling you get during the first part of the day.

Many doctors recommend morning bowel movements to be the best bowel movements as well.

3. Soothes a sore throat

Warm tea is soothing for a sore throat. But the citrusy properties from lemon tea specifically when mixed with honey can relieve symptoms of sore throat common cold or flu that disturbs your sleep at night.

This can also help to keep symptoms at bay while you sleep – giving you better sleep when dealing with a sore throat. 

4. Reduces stress

Stress is a definite disturber of a good night’s sleep.

Stress and anxiety can prevent you from falling asleep or getting quality sleep altogether.

This in turn can start you on the path to sleep deprivation. A warm cup of lemon tea can reduce stress, allowing you to sleep better.

Even the citrusy scent of lemon is believed to improve mood and stress. 

5. Prevents kidney stones

According to UW health taking citric acid can lower the risk for calcium kidney stones. Lemon tea has citric acid because of the addition of lemon.

So a cup of lemon tea at night may help prevent kidney stones. 

Using a green tea base for this benefit may be appropriate. Green tea is believed to prevent calcium oxalate from clumping together to form large kidney stones.

So using green lemon tea could be even more effective if it’s for this purpose.

6. Regulates high blood sugar at night 

It’s common for many diabetes patients to wake up to high blood sugar in the middle of the night.

It can be an exhausting task to regulate your blood sugar at night. This in turn distracts you from getting a night of quality sleep.

Lemon tea has bioflavonoids from its citrusy properties which lowers blood sugar levels. So taking a cup of lemon tea at night before bed can help avoid high blood sugar levels while sleeping.

7. An alternative to water to keep you hydrated at night 

Waking up thirsty at night because of dehydration is common, particularly in summer. This can disturb a healthy sleep pattern in general.

Dehydration can in turn cause constipation, water retention, and kidney stones, and so on. Waking up with constipation keeps you bloated all day making you feel uneasy. 

So for those who aren’t a fan of plain water, lemon water is a great and soothing alternative to keep you hydrated while sleeping. Lemon tea provides the benefits of lemon water – as well as the health benefits of the tea itself.

8. Natural detox 

Lemon tea is a great beverage to flush out unhealthy and unwanted toxins from the urinary tract to keep your body clean.

But the best aspect of having lemon tea at night is that it helps in flushing out your system right into the morning, keeping you light and refreshed to start your day. This early morning detox can also aid you with weight loss.

For more on weight-loss teas, you may want to read my articles on Blue tea, Senna tea, Catherine tea, and Purple tea.

9. Refreshing taste

While that’s a common benefit of many teas drank before bed, lemon tea has the extra citrusy flavor. This citrusy flavor promotes a refreshing and soothing aroma and taste that can help you get a night of better sleep.

Adding lemon to most things can seem bitter, but when added in the right way it can add a refreshing tingle to the taste buds, providing an all-around healthy feeling before bedtime. See also my article on mint tea.

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I hope that has helped answer the question of the benefits of lemon tea at night.

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