Ginger Tea Before a Workout, or After, the Benefits, Effects

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There are a lot of beverages that you can take in the morning, and certainly a number of teas you can drink to kick-start your morning. What about adding ginger tea in the morning and kick-starting your day? And ginger tea before a workout is certainly an option. Ginger is a truly earthy beverage and provides numerous benefits. You can use it to prepare tea or add it to food. Ginger has been used for millennia as a spice and to treat ailments. Ginger is a pack of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Here’s the quick takeaway, then we’ll get into […]

Green Tea Before a Workout, Weight Loss, When, and How Much

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It’s generally accepted that green tea is great for weight loss – among other benefits. It can of course be drunk at any time. But how effective is green tea before a workout? To get an understanding of the right times to drink green tea, reading this article should help you. Let’s start with a quick summary to get you a fast answer. Drink a cup of green tea 90 minutes before a workout to benefit from the boost in energy from the caffeine and L-theanine content. It also increases fat burning due to increased fat oxidation. Anti-inflammatory properties help […]

Green Tea After a Workout and Weight Loss, When, and How Much

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If you want to lose weight and keep fit at the same time, then green tea might be an excellent way for you to achieve this, as well as other benefits that green tea brings. But is it a good idea to drink green tea after a workout? And how does that affect weight loss? In this article, I’m going through the benefits and the pros and cons of drinking green tea after a workout, answering all the major questions. Here’s the quick summary, then we’ll get into more detail. Green tea after a workout Green tea is beneficial after […]

12 Amazing Jasmine Green Tea Benefits to Health and Wellbeing

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Most veteran tea drinkers are aware of the benefits of green tea. But Jasmine green tea benefits us in a few additional ways. And for new tea drinkers who are unsure then here’s the article you need to understand all the benefits of jasmine green tea combined. Oh and here’s how to easily become a tea drinker. Jasmine green tea benefits: Ok, let’s get straight into the list of jasmine green tea benefits… 1. Contains antioxidants to combat free radicals Polyphenols are plant-based chemicals that are good for the human body. They play the role of antioxidants in the human […]

Milk Tea Before a Workout: Benefits, Recovery, Weight, Types

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Are you a gym lover who wants better results from your workout? Then, you probably want to know which tea can fulfill your needs either for weight loss, fitness, or muscle gain. Milk tea before a workout facilitates some good results and promotes more significant improvements both before and perhaps more importantly – after a workout. In this article, I’m outlining the benefits of milk tea before a workout, and which types of milk are beneficial. As well as what nutrition they provide and more. Here’s the quick takeaway answer, then we’ll get into more details… Milk tea before a […]

11 Cinnamon and Bay Leaf Tea Benefits, Weight Loss, and More

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As a tea drinker, it’s a good idea to know how teas of various kinds can affect or improve your body systems and well-being. One tea you might come across and want to understand more about is cinnamon and bay leaf tea’s benefits. The more teas you try out – not only will you better understand your own taste preferences, but you’ll also come to understand what benefits you gain from each. Here’s a quick rundown on cinnamon and bay leaf tea benefits, then we’ll go through the list in more detail… Cinnamon and bay leaf tea benefits Cinnamon and […]

12 Zen Tea Benefits, Health, Wellness, Mind, Body, and More

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Maybe you just heard of Zen tea and didn’t know there were zen tea benefits. So if you’re actually looking for the best list of zen tea benefits, then you came to the right place. Here’s the biggest list of zen tea benefits. Starting with a quick summary… What is Zen tea? Zen tea is a combination of teas and herbs. Typically green tea, lemon, verbena, lemongrass, and spearmint. These form an enticing combination that is beneficial for health and well-being – both individually, and when combined. Providing healthy, calming, zen-enhancing, and wellness benefits.  Zen tea is an infusion of […]

What Is Kava Tea: Benefits, Taste, Effects, Safety, and More

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Are you a kava tea drinker? Or are you thinking of starting to drink kava tea? Or perhaps just thinking “what is Kava tea”? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this article will help you understand everything about kava tea that you need to know. We’re going through the benefits, how it tastes and the effects it can produce. But let’s start off with a quick summary to give you an overview… Kava tea is a herbal tea made from the Piper methysticum (Kava plant). It’s offered and drank at social occasions, to celebrate events, […]

Chamomile Tea With Honey Benefits: Colds, Sleep, and More

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Many of us enjoy drinking tea for its benefits, and sometimes we like adding other ingredients to enhance the taste and even the benefits further. One of those additions is honey. Chamomile tea with honey benefits us in a number of ways. In this article, I’m outlining all the benefits that honey brings to Chamomile tea and more information on the effects this can have on your sleep routines, and more. Here we go first with a short summary before the main details… Chamomile tea with honey benefits: Chamomile with a 1 tsp. of honey can help alleviate colds and […]

Is Green Tea a Diuretic: Types of Green Teas and the Effects

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We all are susceptible to diuretic effects from food and drink. But there are certain triggers that these foods and drinks contain that prompt effects in people – to a lesser or greater degree. Green tea can be one of those drinks, begging the question for many – is green tea a diuretic? So in this article, I’ll be going through the aspects of green tea that make it a potential diuretic for some. Let’s start with a quick summary answer to get us started. Because green tea is a true tea variety it contains caffeine which is a natural […]