Milk Tea Before a Workout: Benefits, Recovery, Weight, Types

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Are you a gym lover who wants better results from your workout? Then, you probably want to know which tea can fulfill your needs either for weight loss, fitness, or muscle gain. Milk tea before a workout facilitates some good results and promotes more significant improvements both before and perhaps more importantly – after a workout.

In this article, I’m outlining the benefits of milk tea before a workout, and which types of milk are beneficial. As well as what nutrition they provide and more.

Here’s the quick takeaway answer, then we’ll get into more details…

Milk tea before a workout provides energy and strength to muscles, aids muscle growth and recovery, reduces stress, and enhances mood. Milk tea boosts metabolism and rehydrates the body. It also aids weight loss and lowers the risk of heart disease. Milk tea after a workout can be more beneficial.

Similar to dairy milk, Soy milk before a workout provides protein, and the reduced calories also help toward weight loss.

I wrote a complete article on black tea vs milk tea here. That should provide a good overview of what the differences are. And here’s when to have tea without milk.

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Anyhow, let’s head into details on having milk tea before a workout…

milk tea before a workout

Milk tea before a workout

Studies prove that drinking teas before your workout is an excellent addition to your fitness regime.

Although drinking black tea has the benefits of caffeine, milk tea can be beneficial for cardio enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Milk tea before a workout can balance the nutrition support, promote muscle growth, and replenish depleted glycogen stores. A cup of milk tea is great for rehydrating your body after a workout and boosts your metabolism.

Here are the main benefits of milk tea before working out at the gym…

The benefits of milk tea before a workout:

  • Milk is an excellent source of energy and gives strength to your body.
  • It helps in muscles growth and recovery.
  • It reduces stress by enhancing your mood.
  • Effective as an agent for both fattening and weight loss.
  • Cut the risk of heart diseases.
  • Rehydrates the body

Is milk tea good for gym work?

Tea has high levels of antioxidants which help in reducing muscle soreness and helps you to recover muscles quicker. Plus, milk tea, (usually with a black tea base) has the added boost of caffeine too. 

But perhaps before adding it to your pre-workout list, you should consider adding it after your workout, either as well, or instead of…

“Drinking a whole milk drink such as a latte before a workout is not advisable, but can be an effective post-exercise rehydration drink. It is said that consuming dairy-based products and beverages are better for post-workout benefits in comparison to pre-workout benefits”.

Is milk tea good for muscle building?

As I indicated previously, overall, milk tea is good for muscle building. Milk has two types of protein; whey (20%) and casein (80%).

Whey has essential amino acids which help in bodybuilding.

Casein acts much like whey but is absorbed much slower by the body in contrast to whey. Casein protein offers a more constant supply of protein; bodybuilders drink it before going to bed, so their body gets to absorb the protein throughout the night.

Milk’s protein helps in the recovery of muscles and reduces muscle pain after a workout. Thus, if you want to improve muscle growth, you should look to drink milk tea post-workout or before bedtime.

Can drinking milk tea make you fat?

Milk is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and protein, as shown in the tables below.

These elements help the growth of the human body. Carbohydrates, minerals, and calcium boost the body’s energy and other functions and are essential to body growth.

Researches suggested that people (above nine years old) should drink three cups of milk per day. For more information on quantities, here’s how many cups of tea you should drink per day. And here’s when you should drink green tea per day which includes your workout regime.

Here’s a table showing the main constituents of milk, both in range and as an average:

Main constituentRange(%)Mean(%)
Water85.5 – 89.587.0
Total solids10.5 – 14.513.0
Fat2.5 – 6.04.0
Proteins2.9 – 5.03.4
Lactose3.6 – 5.54.8
Minerals0.6 – 0.90.8


If you are adding tablespoons of sugar or honey to your milk tea then this may, of course, result in weight gain …if you drink it too much.

This overload of calories causes you to gain excess body fat quicker and more drastically. Some types of honey are better than others.

A study found that if you drink 500-700ml of milk per day with tapioca pearls, you could gain 2.9 – 4.4 lb (1.3-2kg) of weight in a month.

Can I lose weight with milk tea?

Milk tea can be an agent for both the functions of weight loss or weight gain.

If you want to lose weight, milk in milk tea acts as a dietary agent because it has caffeine and polyphenol, which helps in weight loss.

A potentially better alternative is to make tea with milk powder.

Drinking milk tea barely makes the list for best weight loss teas.

The reason isn’t the best medium to use as a fattening agent. It’s considered a reasonably healthy dairy product. But if losing weight is your ultimate goal, then you may want to steer clear of the milk.

Are you considering milk tea for weight loss, then look more towards blue tea, senna tea, or Catherine tea as more efficient and proven weight loss teas.

If you drink milk tea in excessive quantity, it may also cause constipation, dryness, and dehydration in your body.

In the event you feel symptoms like those mentioned above, you should consult a doctor before continuing, or before adding milk to your diet.

Soy milk before a workout

Soy milk has a similar amount of protein as cow’s milk – but has low saturated fat. It is plant-based and does not contain lactose. It helps support healthy muscles and organs. Different brands of soy milk have concentrations of carbohydrates, fat, total calories, and fiber.

Soy milk can work great for bodybuilders and can offer 7 grams of protein in a cup. Soy may aid muscles but is a good source of protein. It has low calories and helps in weight loss. It contains estrogen-like compound isoflavones, which work the same as human estrogen.

Soy protein from soy milk is rich in arginine which helps the body to build muscle, plus genistein which is a great source of antioxidants. Drinking soy milk before workouts is a healthy way to build muscle.

Soy milk is a complete protein drink that promotes muscle growth and recovery. It can be as effective as semi-skimmed milk as a high-quality protein drink.

soy milk before workout

Is milk good before a workout?

Drinking milk is an easy way to deliver protein to your body. Although it supports a better workout, you should wait at least 40 mins before then performing any strenuous exercise.

Milk contains fat, protein, and carbohydrates that take more time to digest. If you drink milk before a workout, you may feel gassy, nausea, and cause stomach ache.

Also, it may cause digestive issues, later on, leading to bloating or discomforts. Here are teas that reduce bloating.

Even though milk can be good before running because milk has fluid, electrolytes, and energy, it can be more beneficial when the body needs extra carbohydrates to fuel muscles for longer distances.

Milk tea after a workout

Milk tea after a workout is ideal. It helps to relieve muscle soreness, and tiredness, especially in the recovery of muscles following a challenging workout. Milk has components that help in muscle building and a good supply of protein.

Milk tea is not only an enjoyable drink but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Drinking milk tea post work out or before bedtime helps to get maximum results.

However, those with lactose intolerance should avoid taking milk. It may cause inflammation and auto-immune issues.

What can you add to milk tea?

To make milk tea taste better, you could add:

  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Masala Tea

These will enhance the flavor of the milk, alongside the existing milk benefits.

More tea help

Whether you drink milk tea before a workout, or afterward, they both come with benefits. Try moving your milk tea to after your workout if possible. And if it’s for weight loss, then consider blue tea, senna tea, or Catherine Tea as alternatives.

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